STIPRAM Becomes the Selected Campus Welcomes the 2023 ATF Delegation

8 Maret 2023 Penting Terbaru

The 2023 Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) event, which began in Yogyakarta on Thursday, February 2, did not only contain formal agendas discussing world tourism issues or exhibitions of products by foreign delegates. The delegates were also invited to leave the hotel and meeting hall to see Yogyakarta more closely through pre-tour package activities. One of the highlights was when the delegates were invited to visit one of the well-known campuses of the Ambarrukmo Tourism College (STIPRAM) in Yogyakarta.


The delegates were amazed when, on campus, which is located in the eastern ring road area, it turned out that the students were ready to welcome them with a series of spectacular artistic attractions in the hall of the campus complex. The halls on campus have been transformed by the students with magnificent decorations resembling the atmosphere of the Prambanan Temple, where the Ramayana Ballet is usually performed. The campus students also performed the epic Ramayana Ballet to Ponorogo's signature Reog, which left the delegates in awe.


"Our campus was indeed appointed to be one of the pre-tour locations for the Asean Tourism Forum delegates while in Yogyakarta," said Head of the Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta Tourism High School, Dr. Suhendroyono. Mr. Suhendroyono said the ATF event was a valuable moment for Yogyakarta's tourism sector, which has been known as Indonesia's miniature. Therefore, the delegates from Asean countries and invited non-Asean countries who took part in the pre-tour were also invited to get to know a variety of Indonesian culinary delights that were served and served directly by the students. "We present traditional Indonesian food culture to these delegates," said Suhendroyono.


The menu served is, of course, not only typical of Yogyakarta but also various regions in the country. Such as various vegetables and fresh vegetables typical of West Java, Tengkleng, which is famous from Solo and Yogya, and the famous Goat Guling in East Java. "We also served a vegetarian menu for the delegates who attended," said Suhendroyono. Suhendroyono said that the Asean Tourism Forum could be an arena for the world of education, especially students, to interact directly with the people of various countries. Especially students who are concentrating on tourism education like those on that campus. "For example, to serve this many lunch menus for delegates, the time is very short; this is a challenge for students on how to manage time well and maintain the quality of the dishes," he said.


From this event, Suhendroyono continued, he hoped that the mission of tourism education would increasingly become the concern of tourism people in Asean because it is very promising and has potential. On the first day of the Asean Tourism Forum series, the MSME Creative Economy exhibition and Culinary Festival were also held in the Jogja Expo Center, or JEC, area. (

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