The STIPRAM D3 Hotelier Program is Ready to Compete in the Industrial World

29 Maret 2023 Penting Terbaru

The bustle of the world of tourism has revived since the Covid-19 pandemic slumped in mid-2022. Travel activities are shining again, tourist trips are again bustling, the hotel world is stretching and many new tourist destinations have been born around the community. This is an early signal of the revival of the world of tourism, including the world of tourism education.

“Currently, tourism study programs are being looked at by higher education managers. So that many tourism study programs have sprung up in society. In response to this phenomenon, STIPRAM is preparing itself to draft students, especially D3 Hospitality program students to further improve their competence, said the Head of STIPRAM, Dr. Suhendroyono accompanied by Vice Chairman Dr. Damiasih in Yogyakarta.

"STIPRAM has improved the Food & Beverage (FB) Product laboratory for student practicums to be more comfortable and not behind knowledge. With the open FB laboratory, all people visiting the campus can freely witness the student practicum process. "If hotel kitchens are usually behind and only sell products, then STIPRAM sells processes or practicum activities in the FB laboratory. Thus, public interest in studying in the Hospitality study program increases," said Dr. Damiasih.

Currently, they have equipped standard equipment as a result of winning the PKKM 2022 grant. Students are also very enthusiastic about improving their skills in the FB field. With increasing student practicums with adequate standards, STIPRAM D3 Hospitality graduates are ready to compete in the industrial world. In addition, D3 Hospitality program students are also encouraged to add experience and insight by doing internships abroad. The combination of training at home and abroad will balance the quality of STIPRAM towards the gates of success for its graduates.



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