Combining Indonesian Culinary and Art, STIPRAM Welcomes the ATF Delegation

8 Maret 2023 Penting Terbaru

Dozens of delegates from ASEAN countries participating in the 2023 Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) in Yogyakarta visited several destinations in Yogyakarta. This visit, orpretour," was carried out at several cultural reserves and educational institutions, including the Ambarrukmo Tourism College (Stipram) in Yogyakarta. In the pretour, which is a series of ATF 2023 events, the delegates had the opportunity to enjoy Indonesian culinary specialties, especially in Yogyakarta, while enjoying the Roro Jonggrang and Reog Ponorogo ballets.

All culinary preparations and traditional dance performances are the work of Stipram students, and as one of the best tourism colleges, Stipram totally brings out the abilities of its students. "We present traditional culture and food. In one hour, buyers and delegates can enjoy it here in full. There are special foods from Jogja, West Java, and East Java combined with Reog Ponorogo performances," explained Suhendroyono, Chair of Stipram Yogyakarta, when they met on the sidelines of the event. Thursday (2/2/2023) afternoon Apart from Reog Ponorogo, the epic stories of Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso made 1000 temples in one night a stunning sight. A miniature of Prambanan Temple, which is one of Indonesia's leading tourism destinations, is presented on the stage.

Suhendroyono continued, and culinary combined with regional art performances became an interesting treat for the delegates who attended. It has even become one of the most effective promotions to introduce Indonesian tourism to neighboring countries. "In a short time, we are trying to serve extraordinary Indonesian specialties. We also carry a mission so that tourism education becomes the concern of tourism people in ASEAN because it is very promising and has potential," he explained.

Apart from Stipram, during the pre-tour session, which was held simultaneously on Thursday (2/2/2023), the delegation could also visit the Ullen Sentalu Museum, Merapi Farma Herbal, The Manohara Hotel, Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant, Kota Gede, Mataram Gedhe Mosque, Heha Skyview, and the route JEC, including Lime Restaurant, Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, Sonobudoyo Museum, and Malioboro Street and the JEC route. (

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