STIPRAM Student Overseas Internship Program

12 September 2022 Penting Terbaru

STIPRAM Student Overseas Internship Program

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues throughout the world, STIPRAM once again provides opportunities for students to gain insight and experience with internships abroad. For STIPRAM students, internships at home or abroad are the choice of each student.

“STIPRAM has reactivated the internship program abroad, especially to Japan. Because since the beginning of the Cooperation until now, the internship program to Japan has been very attractive to students,” said the Head of STIPRAM Yogyakarta, Mr. Dr. Suhendroyono. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of STIPRAM students participated in internships in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and China. The activity was suspended due to Covid-19. But now, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed and internships abroad have been reactivated. As is the case now, STIPRAM has dispatched internship students to Japan in the period of May and August 2022.

According to the Head of STIPRAM, internships abroad are excellent programs and choices for students. This means that if students want to add experience, they are welcome and if there are obstacles, there is also no coercion.

“In this activity, providing these facilities, all students returned will take advantage of the opportunity or not. And we need to realize that experience in the industry will lead to a successful future,” he said.

For STIPRAM students who do internships abroad for 6 (six) months, this is the right step. Because the benefits obtained are very large in addition to getting experience, pocket money is also more than the costs incurred. This means that students have nothing to lose in time, thought energy, and finances. While you are still young, there is an opportunity, so an internship program abroad is the right choice to improve your quality.


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