STIPRAM Students Innovate To Make Cookies Made From Tofu Dregs

2 September 2022 Penting Terbaru

STIPRAM Students Innovate To Make Cookies Made From Tofu Dregs.

Muhammad Fajar Sidiq, a student from STIPRAM Yogyakarta majoring in S1 Tourism, has completed research for his undergraduate final project in the form of a scientific article. In research that lasted for 3 months, Sidiq continued to strive for research to be carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sidiq lives in a tofu processing center in Krayak hamlet, Margoagung village, Sayegan, Sleman. From there he thought of creating tourism in his village to improve the community's economy amid the Covid-19 pandemic. After going through various considerations, finally with the culinary knowledge he learned. When he took his D3 hospitality, Mr. Sid tried to process the tofu dregs into delicious cookies.

When Sidiq processed the pastries, Sidiq did not experience any difficulties, because the tofu dregs in his village were very abundant. While the other mixed ingredients are no different from the basic ingredients in general making cakes. As for the research process, Sidiq did not immediately succeed, but went through several trials with tutoring lecturers from STIPRAM. The support from the STIPRAM lecturer made Sidiq even more enthusiastic so that he finally succeeded in making these cookies. Even the cookies have various flavors ranging from green tea, chocolate, and red bean.

Packaging is one of the attractions of cookie products made from tofu dregs created by S1 Tourism Stipram students. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still in the community. But Sidiq is always optimistic about the results of this study. In order to be useful for improving the welfare of the community and attracting tourists, the campus always supports research into processed works that are of interest to the wider community.


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