Vacancies Host Marabunta Semarang
27 Juni 2023 Penting Terbaru

WE ARE HIRING COME JOIN US HOST Female A diploma in Hospitality or similar  Min. 2 years experience in the same or related position Good looking & good attitude Good presen ...

Combining Indonesian Culinary and Art, STIPRAM Welcomes the ATF Delegation
8 Maret 2023 Penting Terbaru

Dozens of delegates from ASEAN countries participating in the 2023 Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) in Yogyakarta visited several destinations in Yogyakarta. This visit, orpretour," was carried out at several cultural reserves and educational institutions, including the Ambarrukmo Tourism College (Stipram) in Yogyakarta. In the pretour, which is a series of ATF 2023 events, the delegates had the oppor ...

STIPRAM Becomes the Selected Campus Welcomes the 2023 ATF Delegation
8 Maret 2023 Penting Terbaru

The 2023 Asean Tourism Forum (ATF) event, which began in Yogyakarta on Thursday, February 2, did not only contain formal agendas discussing world tourism issues or exhibitions of products by foreign delegates. The delegates were also invited to leave the hotel and meeting hall to see Yogyakarta more closely through pre-tour package activities. One of the highlights was when the delegates were i ...